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3 Reasons to Expect the Unexpected in IBPS PO

unexpected things in IBPS PO

Competitive exams like IBPS PO often throw a surprise for candidates. Interestingly, some of them may not be surprises or totally unexpected for some candidates. Preparation can help you expect the unexpected.

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We highlight three areas where candidates usually assume questions would not appear and were disappointed that they were not prepared for it. As simple as they appear to be, you need to ensure you don’t leave any stone unturned to ensure you attempt all the questions. Unexpected questions are definitely not a good surprise to have in IBPS PO exam.

Questions from the Basics

Sometimes the best questions asked are most basic in nature. But you may have ignored the basics because you feel, they are, well, basic!! And thus a brilliant opportunity to attempt a question successfully may be gone. Remember the idea during the exam is to attempt all the questions, which is not the same as answering all the questions. In fact answering all the questions is virtually impossible. But you can definitely attempt. And to attempt all questions, make sure you not only have the knowledge of advanced formulas etc., but also the basic ones. Passages in English, for example, are quite basic. But you may have ignored it by not practicing enough. The same holds true for many simple quantitative aptitude problems.

General Awareness questions that feel out of the world:

This is one section that can make you feel out of this world. There is no fixed syllabus for this section. All you are advised to do is read the newspaper on a daily basis and catch up with a business magazine that focuses on banking and finance. But this does not tell you what’s running in the mind of the examiners. Which news  amongst these thousands will qualify to become a question in the exam? You may try to decode the pattern, but they are more useful in other sections, not in this.

The only way out is to relax and let go of those questions which you are totally unsure of. After all, it is a matter of either knowing or not knowing. There is no formula or a method by which you can calculate and arrive at the answer. One trick to ensure you remember what you have read here is to follow stories and not just events. Stories are better remembered and events are easily forgotten.

Unexpected questions in the Interview

After passing the Prelims and the Mains comes the interview part. Being prepared for unexpected questions in a personal interview is equally important. The usually recommended reading is on banking terms and also about the best behaviour expected while dealing with customers. But you may be unprepared for questions on certain current affairs related to Banking and Finance. This is because, no matter how much you follow-up with the newspapers, there is always more to catch up.

Ensure you are calm and relaxed. This can help you recall what you have read or already know about the subject. Keep your language simple and avoid complex jargons. Answer to the point and avoid lengthy explanations.

Do remember that some part of the exam or the interview will always be a surprise. Whether it is a pleasant one or not, depends on your level of preparation and the right guidance.

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