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3 Factors that Enhance the Success Rate of a TalentSprint Trainee

Success Rate of a TalentSprint Trainee
Success in banking exams, group discussions, and personal interviews, that lead to recruitment, is the Holy Grail that every ambitious career seeker is in pursuit of. The competition for employment in leading public and private sector organisations is cut-throat, and it is only the best-trained candidates that get a head-start in their career building mission.

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What are the unique value additions that TalentSprint offers to its trainees that provide them with a discernible edge vis-à-vis their competitors? Let’s find out.

Holistic Inputs

TalentSprint enriches its students with across-the-board intellectual inputs through diverse media options
  • Video presentations
  • Online tests
  • Pen drive storage
  • E-books, etc.
The course content is all-inclusive and contemporary; capturing the latest developments and notifications released by recruiting organisations. The text content is compiled by expert faculty who not only have outstanding academic credentials but also substantial grassroot experience in their relevant fields.

The live video sessions are delivered by ace professionals in a friendly, interactive, engaging style that makes learning a pleasure and boosts retention.

Whatever the sphere of academics or real life experiential learning, TalentSprint career accelerators are committed to imparting cutting edge knowledge and strategies that pay rich dividends and help students enjoy a higher rate of success compared to their peers.

Time Management

Banking exams demand answers to problems in reasoning, quantitative aptitude, data interpretation, general awareness, english, etc. at a very fast rate. Time management, therefore, becomes a critical factor in achieving success.  While focusing on subjects of academic relevance, the TalentSprint faculty also shares valuable inputs on how to manage stress caused by unexpected situations at the examination table.

It is these, beyond-the-syllabi, invaluable inputs, that students of TalentSprint often celebrate as the key to their achievements in competitive banking exams.
  • Allocate less time for your strength areas, and budget more time for areas where you are relatively weak;
  • All questions carry identical marks. Solve the easy ones first and mark the difficult ones for review at a later stage;
  • Resist the urge to prove to yourself that you can solve the most difficult ones too. Time is the essence.
One of the best ways to help you save time is giving you short cut techniques in quantitative aptitude. Mr.Rohit Agarwal, one of the most popular trainers of India has the record of helping thousands of students improve their calculation speeds astronomically. His videos are extremely popular online and can be accessed at https://www.youtube.com/user/TSBankersChoice

English Communication

Familiarity with and fluency in formal English, for success in written tests, and for performing well in group discussions and personal interviews is essential.

Recognising that English is not the first language for a vast majority of aspiring career builders, TalentSprint devotes considerable resources to building English communication skills for its students. One of their popular teachers in English is Ms.Sylvia Fiona, who can make you fall in love with the language. Check out her videos at https://www.youtube.com/user/TSBankersChoice/search?query=sylvia+fiona

The course content includes modules on remedial English, business English and development of interview skills that are so crucial for campus recruitment.

A focused approach led by the expert faculty transforms its students into effective communicators. TalentSprint appreciates that every student approaches it with a dream, and leaves no stone unturned to help every student make the dream a reality. 

Their programs are delivered in the classroom and online through videos, ebooks and pen drive programs. Students from more than 350 towns in India access these programs. The thousands of success stories stand testimony to the undying effort of the faculty to make every student achieve his/her dream of reaching the top.

There is no magic bullet on offer; just holistic solutions.

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  1. no doubt on your words, but I believe success always comes from hard work and it always take time to get huge success.