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Intelligence v/s Hard work: What makes one click in Government Job Exams?

Government Job Exams

Government job exam is an umbrella term used for a large number of Government exams of different formats like SSC-CGL Exam, RRB-NTPC Exam etc. Many times, exams for PSUs and Bank POs like SBI PO Exam are also considered in this category. These exams are conducted for various grades of jobs like Grade A, B, and C.

Government job exams are very different from other competitive exams like engineering entrance exams, medical entrance exam, management entrance exam or Chartered Accountant exam. These exams have a very vast syllabus, covering ancient history to recent economic policies, from basic concepts of maths to complex logical reasoning concepts. Hence, a different kind of preparation is needed to crack them.

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Intelligence v/s hard work

First, to cover the vast syllabus and give the desired exam with accuracy and speed, definitely consistent hard work and practice are needed but reasonable intelligence is also needed as otherwise, you would not be able to understand the complex topics, the pattern of the desired exam and crack most of the tricky questions.

For example, while preparing for SBI Bank PO’s General Awareness section, candidates need to focus more on current affairs related to economy and finance but while preparing for SSC-CGL or RRB-NTPC, candidates need to keep a tap on all the general happenings around the world and not go into specific details of each and every event. To know this difference and prepare accordingly, a basic application of intelligence is required.

Second, intelligence is often defined by the marks obtained by the candidates in the exams which in turn is affected by the manner in which the preparation is done and their personal inclination. You may have the personal inclination and your preparation might also be strong but if you don’t practice and put in your hard work, despite being intelligent, you will fail to pass the exam. Hence, hard work is also necessary for clearing the Government job exams.

Third, with the growing competition, the level of elimination in these Government job exams is also increasing. Definitely, a fair amount of intelligence is needed to pass these difficult Government job exams but consistent hard work with suitable guidance and planning is also needed to carry on with the pressure over a prolonged period of time.

Fourth, Government job exams are multi-stage exams, where consistent hard work is needed through the entire selection process. It is not like giving the best shot at one time but it is like giving the best over and over again till you reach the final step of success. So, intelligence combined with hard work can help you sail successfully.

Last but not the least, only hard work or intelligence may not land you in a Government job, you need both at all times so as to align and fine tune your approach to making sure that you reach the goal. Intelligence is not a substitute for hard work.

Need for expert guidance

Well, definitely intelligence, as well as hard work, is needed to pass the Government job exams with flying colours, yet one cannot negate the importance of expert guidance. In fact, intelligence and hard work combined with expert guidance can give you brilliant results. Professional coaching Institutes like TalentSprint can not only provide the expert guidance and channelize aspirants’ hard work and intelligence but instil much-required confidence in them.

So, what are you waiting for? Crack the government job exams this year with all the preparation, hard work, intelligence and expert guidance from the right Institutes.

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Intelligence v/s Hard work: What makes one click in Government Job Exams?

There is a hot debate on whether intelligence is more important than hard work or vice versa for passing Government job exams.

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  1. Informative article!! It proves that we need both Intelligence and hard work to achieve the goal.

  2. both Intelligence and hard work needed but caste and corruption devalue the talent