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Prathyusha’s Stint with Success through TalentSprint

Prathyusha’s Stint with Success through TalentSprint
There are millions who aspire for a Banking Career that too with India’s largest bank, State Bank of India. Prathyusha is one who has worked hard to achieve her dream and is now working with State Bank of India.

Secret behind Prathyusha’s success!

Prathyusha gives the credit to her hardwork and dedication for her success. She also adds that professional training received by her in TalentSprint’s online BankersChoice program helped her immensely. .

Prathyusha doesn’t claim herself to be a very intelligent person. But she has “I can do it” attitude. When she started preparing, she realized the need to refresh the concepts and get strong in the basics and felt the need for professional support. She joined the TalentSprint BankersChoice online program.

“We tend to forget what was taught in school. Hence, I felt the need to completely refresh the concepts to get ready for facing the competitive exams. Here the role of professional guidance and Institutes like TalentSprint comes into play. In addition to preparation, professional coaching also helps the aspirants to create the right strategy for the examination and get all the study material easily.It is in this background that I registered for the TalentSprint Training Program wherein I was given all the Study Material. I also started solving all the previous year’s papers.”

She avers, “each and every class conducted by TalentSprint online training program helped me a lot. Rohit Sir’s tips for Aptitude, Interview Guidance Classes of the Institute, Mock Tests etc., everything helped me to achieve my dream.”

She adds, “another thing that matters a lot in bank exams is the need for speed. This is where I got the maximum benefit through TalentSprint. My guides there helped me with a lot of shortcuts and techniques that really increased my speed like anything.”

She adds that every additional mark scored counts. “If professional coaching can help get those 15-20 additional marks, it can make a huge difference as the competition is very high and every mark matters,”

Prathyusha further adds, “the way of teaching of the Institute is very different and better from others. The guides here dig deep into all the topics and ensure that every student has understood them well. Further, I believe that no other institute takes the pain to prepare and provide extensive current affairs material to the aspirants. Truly, TalentSprint is the reason behind my success.”

It is this focused approach that helped Prathyusha qualify in SBI PO as well as LIC AAO Exams.  She is now working with State Bank of Hyderabad. “It is a dream come true when I saw my appointment letter. All these days of night outs and crazy preparation has finally given results” says overwhelmed Pratyusha.

Quality guidance matters

One frequently raised question by the aspirants preparing for bank exams is that ‘Is there a need for professional coaching for bank exams?’ What gives rise to this question is the fact that majority of the topics that need to be prepared for the bank exams are taught in the school and the aspirants feel confident that since they know most of the concepts they will be able to crack the examination. However, truth is very far from this. No doubt, confidence is absolutely necessary for cracking the bank exams but that is not all. Hard work and proper guidance in terms of professional coaching is also needed to increase the chances of success.

Professional training helps one to
  • Makes one strong in the basic concepts 
  • Improves speed and accuracy 
  • Provides tips for preparation and performance in the exam
  • Improves the effectiveness of the preparation by providing necessary guidance 
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Prathyusha’s Stint with Success through TalentSprint

Prathyusha gives the credit to her hardwork and dedication for her success. She also adds that professional training received by her in TalentSprint’s online BankersChoice program helped her immensely.

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