Tuesday, 8 March 2016

CTET 2016 Paper Analysis: What are you not getting right?

Teachers that we met at CTET Test Centers, face a lot of problem in understanding some of the easiest concepts of curriculum because of the language difficulty. Look at the question below:

A textbook of class VIII has following illustrations - women as teachers and maids while men as doctors and pilots. This type of depiction is likely to promote -

(1) Gender Constancy
(2) Gender Empowerment
(3) Gender Stereotyping
(4) Gender Role Play

When we asked the teachers their answer to this question, we found lot of them wrote the answer as "Gender Empowerment". The possible reasons are:

1. They do not understand the word "Empwerment"
2. They think that depicting women as maids and teachers and men as doctors and pilots is empowering the two genders.
3. They misunderstand the meaning of the word "Stereotype". Therefore, they think that it is a positive or a neutral word like Constancy and Role Play.

These are the possible reasons. Our advice - CTET is not an easy exam if you do not have a decent vocab in English. Lot of times the concept may be very clear to you. For example - this concept is from the topic Gender Bias. If you know the concept of Gender Bias, then this is very easy to answer. But then you also need to know the meaning of the words in the option.

So, when you prepare for CTET, work towards your English too. The best way to do this? Check out all previous CTET papers which are freely available www.talentsprint.com/ctet. Look through the meaning of the words that have been asked in the paper which you are not well-versed with. This is the best way to accelerate your preparation.

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