Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Why so many students fail to clear CTET Exam?

CTET exam or Central Teacher Eligibility Test is becoming an important exam for the entire teachers community. Candidates who have cleared B.Ed or B.Sc Ed or 4 years B.El.Ed or any other degree or diploma in education are eligible for writing the exam.

A recent report in the Economic Times suggests that only 17% of teachers qualified and consider that 100% of them have a degree or diploma in education. So, almost 83% students who are studying the curriculum ascribed by National Council of Teacher Education in their undergraduation or in their diploma courses are not  able to qualify CTET Exam.

So, then the next question to be asked is - Is the exam so difficult? In our short experiment, we gave the test paper to a non-education graduate and asked them to write the exam. And this graduate actually scored 60% of exam even without knowing the curriculum at all. What does this tell us?

This means that the exam requires a general common sense. And as the age old adage goes "Common sense is not so common". So, in this article, we bring you some ideas on how to crack the CTET exam on 21st Feb 2016 Exam. It is now just 10 days away.

1. Use the strategy of Elimination very well. Elimination helps you to cut down choices clearly and then make a final decision on the last 1-2 choices. Please visit our blog post for more information on Strategy of Elimination

2. Make sure you are well-versed with VI-VIII grade subjects really well (or in case of Primary, go through the NCERT textbooks before the exams) These questions carries a high weight in exam and are pretty easy to prepare but most students end up focusing on the section Child Development and Pedagogy which requires you to very well versed with lot of concepts covered in B.Ed and B.El.Ed programs. You can also find NCERT textbooks here. They are freely available.

3. The third most important thing to keep in mind during the exam day is to focus on some important concepts which once mastered will help you to get at least 10-15 questions in Child Development and Pedaogy. These concepts are :

a) Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development
b) Kohlberg's Theory of Moral Development
c) Vygotsky's Theory of Social and Moral Development
d) Howard Gardener's Theory of Multiple Intelligence

In combination, these four theories cover 10 questions in the exam. And our YouTube videos will help you master them in less than 60 minutes.

We will you more strategies to succeed in our next blog post. Have a good countdown to CTET!

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