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The hottest topics of CTET Feb 2016 Paper I and Paper II

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Through the analysis of the section "Child Development and Pedagogy" from recently concluded February CTET Paper, we have found that most covered topic in this section of the exam is "Piaget's, Kohlberg's and Vygotsky's Theory of Cognitive Dvelopment"

Here is the topic-wise break up of the section of both papers for you to know which topics are most important if you plan to crack CTET Sep 2016 Exam:

CTET Topic of Syllabus: Child Development and Pedagogy Paper I Paper II Total
Piaget, Kohlberg and Vygotsky: constructs and critical perspectives 7 7 14
Addressing learners from diverse backgrounds including disadvantaged and deprived 3 2 5
Basic processes of teaching and learning; children’s strategies of learning; learning as a social activity; social context of learning. 3 2 5
Addressing the needs of children with learning difficulties, ‘impairment’ etc. 2 2 4
Concept of development and its relationship with learning 2 2 4
Concepts of child-centered and progressive education 1 3 4
Cognition & Emotions 3 3
Alternative conceptions of learning in children, understanding children’s 'errors' as significant steps in the learning process 1 1 2
Critical perspective of the construct of Intelligence 2 2
Distinction between Assessment for learning and assessment of learning; School-Based Assessment, Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation: perspective and practice 1 1 2
Gender as a social construct; gender roles, gender-bias and educational practice 1 1 2
Motivation and learning 2 2
Socialization processes: Social world & children (Teacher, Parents,Peers) 1 1 2
Addressing the Talented, Creative, Specially abled Learners 1 1
Child as a problem solver and a ‘scientific investigator’ 1 1
Factors contributing to learning – personal & environmental 1 1
Formulating appropriate questions for assessing readiness levels of learners; for enhancing learning and critical thinking in the classroom and for assessing learner achievement. 1 1
How children think and learn; how and why children ‘fail’ to achieve success in school performance. 1 1
Individual differences among learners, understanding differences based on diversity of language, caste, gender, community, religion etc. 1 1
Influence of Heredity & Environment 1 1
Language & Thought 1 1
Multi Dimensional Intelligence 1 1
Grand Total 30 30 60

If you wish to learn more about Vygotksy's, Kohlberg's and Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development, you can find the learning videos at our YouTube Channel

To download the CTET Feb 2016 question wise answer key, please use the following links:

Paper I
Paper II

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