Wednesday, 24 February 2016

CTET Feb 2016 : 7,47,477 Teachers at 973 Centers

A Times Of India Report suggests that in 973 centres in India and abroad, a total of 7,47,477 candidates registered for February 21st, 2016 examination. 

With the ongoing curfew due to JAT reservation commotion, the CTET exam was postponed in the cities of Ambala, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Karnal, Kurushetra and Panchkula and a total of 71, 471 students couldn't appear for the exam.

Our team was at Hyderabad center on the exam day. We saw lots of families waiting for their children to come out of the exam. And teachers looked cheerful once the exam was over and they were out of the examination hall. Teachers who were writing this exam had traveled from far rural areas and were staying in Hyderabad from day before. Lots of them were carrying CTET books in their hands.

Another report from Chandigarh covered in The Tribune suggests that the exam was conducted at 22 centers in Chandigarh. and over 13,380 candidates wrote the exam. These students thronged the city from adjoining cities and villages of Rajasthan and Haryana.

Looking at the interest of so many aspirants all over the country, CTET exam is going to prove an important exam for the future of our teachers. In highly established CBSE Private Schools, Principals have started preferring CTET Qualified teachers over the regular B.Ed qualified teachers for the secondary grade. It won't be much time when it becomes an important resume credential for aspiring teachers.

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