Thursday, 18 February 2016

CTET Feb 2016 : 10 Tips to Improve your score without studying

The CTET February 2016 Exam is just three days away and you might be having lot of cold sweat. Do Not Worry! In this blog post, we bring you some just-in-time useful tips that might help you improve your score without much studying.

1. Take Full Length Practice Tests ALWAYS

If you are giving a full length test, do not skip the subject knowledge part of your section. Some CTET Test Takers who are good at Math do not want to practice the Math subject knowledge questions thinking they have a mastery of it and they should focus on those sections which they have been working hard on. Remember that if you have the potential to score 100% in subject knowledge section, your not practicing may lead to some small errors that you could have avoided.

Also, by practicing those you will understand the teacher's mindset.

2. Don't forget all the material you need to carry

When you forget something that you are supposed to carry on the exam day, you often get nervous and lose your peace of mind. Howsoever hard it is, finish keeping all your preparation material for all material, admit cards, ID proof with you a night before.

3. Try studying continuously, with short breaks.

Try to study in chunks as much as the exam duration is and take a small couple of minutes breaks in order to relax. That will make you adapted to the exam day perfectly.

4. Do not discuss about other's preparation just before the exam

Trust us when we say that CTET Syllabus is so vast that there is no way you can cover all of it alone. There will be few topics that you might not be able to cover. Just before the exam or on exam day if you start asking from other which topics they have studied, you are in for some nightmares right before the exam. Just be confident of your preparation and leave the noise out of our mind.

5. During breaks, get yourself pumped up

Jump around, move your legs, arms, hands, stretch out your muscles, do some push ups. I know this might feel weird, but go the bathroom on ALL breaks and before your test, do all of these exercises and get the blood moving. It will rejuvenate you physically and mentally. Get your face up on the mirror and say "YOU'RE GOING TO KILL THIS TEST". .

Seriously, forget about it. Everybody tries to guess how they did, or feels like they did good or bad on the last section. First, IT DOESN'T MATTER ANYMORE. How many times have you read about how something got into someone's head, and they felt it affected their performance? When you are mentally strong, you force those thoughts out of your head, and move onto the next question... your next opportunity to take your score to the next level.

7. Don't forget about the last questions
It can be hard to concentrate for the last questions, but you have to. Every problem is an opportunity to score big points. If you can string 5 correct answers at the end instead of missing all five, I wouldn't doubt that it could be a significant difference on test day. It is easy to click submit though when you just want to see your score. Don't miss this opportunity to put the CTET behind you forever. Really practice this on your practice tests. Take that extra 10 seconds like you did on the first question and get the answer right.

8. Choose Your Test Time & Day to Set Yourself Up for Test Day Success
Can your brain function at 9:30am? At 2 .00 PM for Paper II?  Try to take your practice tests on this day and time if possible, but if not, make sure to at least take practice tests on the same time of different days to get used to the timing.

9. Leave your cell phone and notes in the car
While this doesn't gain you any points on test day, it will keep you from making the most common and most serious test taking mistake. If you get caught with notes or a cell phone during the test, regardless if you are using them, you can be dismissed and have a "P" for policy violation put on your score report.

10. Visit the testing center before your test
Some of you may live far away from testing centers, so you may have an argument for not visiting the testing center. But for everyone else, you have NO reason not to check it out. This may be one of the most overlooked opportunities to familiarize yourself with your testing environment. People go to great lengths to have great practice tests. Why wouldn't they check out the center? Plus, you'll know how to get there, you'll know where the bathrooms are, and there will be so many intangible advantages gained by this trip.

From TalentSprint's TeachersChoice Team, we wish you all the best for your CTET Exam.
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