Monday, 7 December 2015

Etiquettes at Work

As a professional, there are standards you need to keep up with (if not surpass!). There are certain things, however obvious and basic they may seem, that separate the professionals from the not-so-professional. Some of these pointers can be very helpful in maintaining your image as a respectable and professional worker.

1. First impressions are very important! Remember that you are an ambassador of the business and hence need to behave accordingly. Conduct yourself respectfully and courteously at all times.

2. Always maintain your integrity and act with honesty and dignity, especially when it may not be easy to do so. This includes not talking about your co-workers behind their backs and stepping over others to climb the corporate ladder.

3. Dress sharply and always strive to look your best, this works wonder in making sure you look the part of a professional. Be neat, clean and conservative. Shower regularly and use appropriate deodorant.

4. Avoid chewing and popping bubble gum in the presence of others, it’s completely inappropriate and you shouldn’t do this.

5. The physical connection you make when shaking hands with someone can leave a powerful impression. When someone's handshake is unpleasant in any way, we often associate negative character traits with that person. A firm handshake made with direct eye contact sets the stage for a positive encounter.

6. Show respect for others’ workspace. Always knock before entering.

7. Be polite to everyone, don’t interrupt unnecessarily when others are talking. Give them your undivided attention. Be cordial and friendly even when you’re in a bad mood or otherwise under some stress.

There you have it, adhere to all these and whatever else common sense suggests is the appropriate way to behave and you will be recognized as the professional that you want to be known as. Good luck!


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