Friday, 4 December 2015

7 Fundamental Business Skills for IT Professionals

There are some basic, fundamental skills that all aspiring IT Professionals should look to hone and perfect over time to further their career and enjoy any significant success in what they pursue. Some of these are listed below, hopefully you can inculcate them into your persona and succeed in your professional endeavours.

1. Listening
Listening attentively helps you understand people around you and enables you to communicate effectively. You also gain some insight about other people’s subject matter expertise if you pay rapt attention to what they’re saying.

2. Negotiation
Anyone, including IT pros, will find themselves stuck and unable to move forward when facing obstacles or a challenge of some sort. Negotiation can often be the difference between success and failure when working with multiple people or groups.

3. Basic Business Finance
IT professionals don’t have to understand advanced financial operations. However, they should know the basic principles such as return on investment (ROI), depreciation, the difference between capital and operating expense, etc.

4. Understanding the Company’s Business Model
If, as an IT pro, you have a good grasp on the business model of the company, you will be in a much better position to be able to offer suggestions on how IT can benefit said business. Without this knowledge, IT pros won’t know what’s actually relevant to making the company more successful.

5. Understanding the Company’s Operating Model
When IT pros understand how the cogs of the company fit together, they will have the contextual framework to differentiate between real improvement and something that’s only hypothetical. This knowledge will also give an IT professional substantial leverage during critical negotiations.

6. Political Power Mapping
Career advancements often depend largely on others deciding that you’ve done enough and deserve a new opportunity. Knowing who in the company has this kind of decision-making authority will help you to network effectively.

7. Doing Your Job

No matter what your role may be, proficient delivery and doing your job well is of utmost importance.. Understanding how your job fits in to the big picture is imperative because it defines how you should leverage your position to have the biggest impact.

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  1. Very Informative Blog! The point "Understanding the Company’s Operating Model" reminds me of my working days at Bell Technology, a Jaipur based IT company. Its amazing to see operations of a start-up. Employees get exposure of various departments and business management skills develop.