Friday, 20 November 2015

Preparing for the IBPS PO Exam with Smart Strategies by Anjan Jyothi

I cleared the IBPS PO Exam in the very first attempt. It is not LUCK. It is not FLUKE. My name is Anjan. I did it with TalentSprint. And this is how exactly I did it…

I appeared for the IBPS PO 2015 Exam. .The two stage exam being conducted for the first time, I was not sure, how to prepare. Then, a friend of mine, who was also preparing for the exam, introduced me to a few interesting videos on youtube and found them interesting. I then registered for a free webinar on how to prepare for IBPS PO. That’s when I came to know of TalentSprint and then joined the online program which was one of the key decisions which helped me get ready for the exam.

5 Key Success factors

Here are the 5 secrets that helped me clear the IBPS PO in first attempt

1: Planning:  I made a detailed plan as suggested in the webinar. I committed to prepare for 3-4 hours every day so that I can cover the wide range of subjects required. Also, I decided to prepare for both the stages in one go.

2: Executing the Plan:  This was the  most difficult part. I wanted to do 30 minutes of calculations every day, read 2 newspapers every day and 2 hours of preparation and 30 minutes of practice. it was initially difficult for me to commit 3-4 hours. However, I could after a week of persistent self motivation was able to be in line with the plan. This is when I started getting confidence on my readiness for the exam

3: Falling into a rhythm - The next two weeks, I set into a rhythm of preparation. Weekly Live Doubt Clearing Sessions helped me to take stock of where I stood and how things were moving.  Also, the weekly tests conducted helped me to take stock. Yes, I started with below 40% performance in the tests. But, I could see myself improving week on week.

4: The final push:  The final push came during the last 1 month. I was able to increase the time to almost 5 hours a day. The LIVE refresher sessions for IBPS Prelims and Final exams helped me revise my learnings and more importantly practice different types of methods to solve the same problem. I was able to, at this point of time, understand the areas where I am strong in.

5: Key Factor:  As both Rohit sir and Sylvia madam had repeated 100s of times duing their live sessions, only 3 key factors to succeed. Practice, Practice and more Practice. I realized that this is absolutely true. I had taken 100s of tests, practice calculations even when going out ( I started adding, subtracting and multiplying the first and last two numbers of cars when I was travelling :-) and I continue to do so well after the exams are over). I was amazed at the power this gave me.


Preparing for the IBPS PO Exam with Smart Strategies by Anjan Jyothi

I cleared the IBPS PO Exam in the very first attempt. It is not LUCK. It is not FLUKE. My name is Anjan. I did it with TalentSprint.

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  1. I want to see result....
    Please provide me the details of anjan's application form...
    It will support me for joining talent sprint...
    Vivek pandey

  2. Dear rohit sir,
    I watched your videos in youtube. i learnt lot of shortcuts from those videos. after struggling for the last 3 years, i passed IBPS rrb office assistant in 2014 with the score of 138. but i was not shortlisted in 2014, because the cutoff is 157 for OBC. i have no internet in my home. please reply me whether your institute provide any study materials with shortcuts? what is the price of the study material? please reply to
    Thank you

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  4. give me details for talent sprint

  5. many many congrats anjan g.i also want to join talent sprint. how to join?

  6. Self motivation is necessary to qualify any exam trust me you will success.. Best of luck
    Atul tiwari

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  8. Sir, hw can i improve my score....nw it z around 60's

  9. how can i improve math section/english?

  10. Many thanks for your valuable tips.

  11. You have mentioned 5 key Success Factors, it is amazing!!!