Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Interview 101

Sometimes even the best candidates can fail at any interview. So how do you crack the perfect interview?
That is one question every candidate has been trying to figure out since the very first day. So how is the perfect impression created within a few minutes of meeting? Maybe these few steps can highlight what you should focus on, during your interview:

Research is a primary essential for any interview! A well-research driven candidate shows high prospects in the future of the company. You’re research would also prepare you for tackling questions and make you ease into the company environment.
You should also research on what role you would be playing in the company. Check their past work and portfolio.

Dress Well.
Our society emphasizes a lot about first impressions. To be honest, all of us tend to judge a person in the first few seconds, and a lot of that judgement deals with how they present themselves.
You can never be overdressed or overeducated, is how Oscar Wilde puts it.
The bottom line is you should dress how you want to be addressed.

Be Punctual.
A part of your first impression highly depends on punctuality! Why? Because in the professional world, Time is considered as Respect. And no one would like to disrespect their new employer at the very first meet.

Be Yourself. Be Confident.
Remember, an interview is not all about communicating your qualifications but also about your personality. So be yourself and be confident! Confidence is a reflection that you can handle responsibility.

Be Attentive.
The employer will ask you questions about yourself, and your past work. Make sure you answer to the point. Also if you have any questions, go ahead and ask. This shows how interested you are in the company.


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