Friday, 27 November 2015

7 Tips For Job Seekers That Hiring Managers Wish You Knew

Remember that getting hired is a decision that is a direct consequence of how well you market yourself, and more importantly, it is basically the product of the conversation between you and the hiring manager.
As a job candidate, you have probably already heard all the common tips about how to impress the interviewer. Firm handshake? Done. Good eye contact? Check. Cut the “likes” and “ums” from the dialog? Check.

Even so, you might find that you’re still struggling to get that break in the job market and secure the position you want. We may be able to help. One of the biggest things to remember is that hiring is a two-way street. For you to have a greater chance at finding the right match for yourself, you need to inculcate clarity and openness into the hiring process. Remember that you are making a decision just as much as the companies are!

Here are some tips that hiring managers secretly wish you knew and that can greatly increase your chances at finding and securing the perfect position for yourself.

1. Your Resume Isn't as Significant as You Think

Hiring managers are well aware of the fact that resumes aren’t the ultimate authority when it comes to judging the candidate, and that they can, in most cases, get a much better picture of who you are by evaluating your entire online presence – your social handles, work portfolio etc, which are all usually more up-to-date and revealing than resumes. So make sure that all these are such that they reflect on you well.

2. Hiring Managers Don't Only Want to Interview You

They actually want to have a good chat with you and to be able to decide mutually if you should work together. So get comfortable, don’t appear harrowed or under pressure, talk about each other’s goals, if you can float some ideas you have for growing the company, discuss your work values, and see if you click.

3. Past Accomplishments aren’t as Important as Future Growth

Work history can be good to know, but the past is exactly that: the past. The company’s future is the main thing. Spend more time talking about what you see in the company’s future, what you can bring to it, how you can increase it’s value; rather than go on about positions you might’ve held.

4. Put All Your Needs For Success on The Table

It’s important to find common ground with a hiring manager, and this requires you to be frank about your needs for success and happiness. Similarly, ask about the hiring manager’s needs. Can you relate, and do you think you click?

5. Hiring Managers Evaluate You Based on Your Questions

It’s important to not be fearful (or too pushy), strike a balance and ask questions of every hiring manager you meet. Your questions help the hiring manager understand you fully—your interests, concerns, and passions. Likewise, you’ll get personalized responses from different people, which will give you deeper perspective into whether the position is the right one for you.

6. Verified Is Good

Although this may seem somewhat like a harsh truth (because it is!), it’s best to acknowledge that hiring managers tend to support applicants who know someone they know, and have possibly even been referred to them by. This is because these candidates have been vouched for by their trusted network, and this goes a long way. Hence you should aspire to build and maintain a healthy professional network to the best of your ability.

7. Hiring Managers Would Like to Enjoy The Process

Recruiting has developed a status for being a difficult chore. But this doesn’t always have to be the case. Interviewers value your drive and passion and if you can convey these in your conversation, you’re headed in the right direction. Both the candidate and the interviewer are getting to know each other at the start of a new and potentially rewarding association. If the start of this relationship is productive and fun, it’s a given that it’ll only grow with time!


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