Monday, 30 November 2015

5 Tips for Exam Preparations

Preparing for an upcoming examination can be a stressful and exhausting task, if not approached correctly. You might be the kind of student who gets increasingly nervous as the day of the exam draws nearer; if you are, this article is tailor-made for you, although students who take a relatively more relaxed approach can benefit equally from it.

Tip No.1: Lose That Fear!

Productivity takes a backseat when you’re ruled by fear: Fear of not having enough time to prepare or not preparing well enough, fear of going blank when the paper makes its way to you, fear of not matching your(or your parents’) expectations, the list goes on. Fear only holds you back, and the stress it brings to you reduces your brain’s efficiency, so that your (otherwise baseless) fears actually come true!

Tip No.2: Time It Out!
Prioritize. The most important portions of your coursework should obviously take more of your study time up. Make a schedule that is realistic and stick to it, rather than assigning too much for you to do in any particular day and then ending up disappointed at not being able to do so. Spend more time on subjects that are not your strong suit, but don’t neglect the ones you think you’re good at, either.

Tip No.3: Get your Two S’s: Sleep and Sunshine!

Your brain converts short term memory into long term memory when you sleep, and REM sleep improves recall dramatically. Getting less than the recommended amount of sleep can reduce your memory’s efficiency drastically, and you shouldn’t skimp on your sleep under any circumstances. Organize your day so that you aren’t left with the option of pulling all-nighters and cramming last minute.
Sunshine gives you Vitamin D, which is necessary for your brain to work at its best. Go out for a walk in the sun and reap the rewards when you ace your exam.

Tip No.4: Don’t get distracted!

When it’s time to study, don’t keep checking your phone(switch it off if you find this hard!) or making excuses to get up and take an unscheduled break (scheduled breaks are necessary, though!). Tell your family and friends to allow you to have your study time so that you don’t get distracted. Keep your eye on the prize, and reward yourself when it’s time for a reward. Be true to yourself (don’t cheat by saying and don’t get disheartened!

Tip No.5: Motivation and Revision
Remind yourself of what you’re good at, and don’t beat yourself up over minor hiccups. It’s well accepted that having time to revise is amazingly helpful, and will help you feel assured and confident in your ability to answer tricky questions when the time comes. Remember that you can’t do everything at once, but you can do it all over time. Keep faith in yourself and do your best!

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At 01/12/2015, 10:59 , Blogger Unknown said...

thankyou really helpfull

At 04/12/2015, 16:24 , Blogger TalentSprint said...

That's great to hear! Don't forget to share this blog with your friends who may need to hear it, as well.

At 31/12/2015, 17:08 , Anonymous collegetag said...

Thanks for the tips

At 23/02/2016, 15:21 , Anonymous John Smith said...

It is true that preparation for an exam is not easy as we think so I hope your exam preparation tips will help people to get success in exams.

At 19/10/2017, 13:12 , Blogger SteveM said...

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