Monday, 14 September 2015

10 Must-Have Skills to Start a Successful Career

The day you start your college, is the day you should start updating your skills. This way slowly and surely you will build all the necessary skills increasing your chances of success at that first job interview significantly. Take a look at the 10 skills you must start developing today for a better career.

1.       Start building a global mindset –  Get an insight on how firms operate, what is happening in different industries, how they work across geographies and get to know about their products. In other words - expand your general knowledge

2.       Develop the ability to communicate better – It is important to be able to converse with people inside and outside an organization effectively. The more people you talk to, the better your chances at the interview. The interviewer wants to hear you and also wants to know how well you can articulate or explain an answer

3.       Sharpen leadership skills – Can you prioritise, work efficiently and productively, and manage your time well? Can you think creatively about problems? Take responsibility for your own ideas? Able to motivate and direct others? If not, then it's time to hone these skills

4.       Perfect your teamwork skills– Being able to work with other people is a key skill that employers look for. Put in your thoughts but also try to understand others opinion. Eventually it is collaboration at work that helps deliver positive results

5.       Flexibility – Adapt successfully to changing situations and  environments

6.       Practice Time Management - Working life presents many challenges. Learn how to prioritise assignments and prepare to work on deadlines. ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going’

7.       Refine your Communication skills - You need to be able to express yourself concisely, but you also need to be a good listener and good at asking questions. Your ability to communicate well will be one of the most noticeable things about you during the job hiring process

8.       Develop Problem Solving Skills – This is all about using logic, as well as imagination, to make sense of your situation and come up with an intelligent solution. It can be about anything - from trying to solve a computer problem to organising a company event

9.       Practice Confidence – Learn the art of striking a balance of being confident in yourself but not arrogant; to believe in your colleagues and the company you will work for. If you are confident, then you are capable

10.   Enhance office etiquette – Everything is new for you, but knowing how to act in an office is extremely important. The way you sit, say goodbye and shake hands make a difference in getting a job

Take time to think about the skills listed above.  Write down some examples and see where you stand. Identify your skills and the possible gaps. Use it as a benchmark to improve and differentiate yourself.  An excellent academic record alone will not compensate for a weak skill set as employers expect today's graduates to be a high performing employee.  It is a challenging world outside; be prepared to face it with skills that matter.

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