Tuesday, 14 July 2015

5 Most Important Soft Skills that Every IT Job Aspirant Should Possess

If you want a job, have technical skills. If you want a career, have people skills.
“Soft skills” are those critical employability skills that employers look for in any prospective employee. Today the IT industry is looking for employees with “soft skills” as well as “hard” technical knowledge. Employees who can integrate networking, project management and teamwork, business technology and specific application skills are valued significantly more as compared to others.  These are the “Life Skills” which shape a professional’s personality.
‘Soft Skills’– The Key to Being a Successful IT Professional
  1. Effective Communication: Communication at workplace extends beyond emails and face-to-face meetings. It assumes new dimensions when one has to deal with people from different culture, background, language proficiency and even hierarchy. Expertise is acquired slowly, but feedback from mentors is a sure way to help in honing these skills.
  2. Teamwork: Most jobs require one person to coordinate with multiple people from several functions, at different knowledge levels and varying geographies. Coordinating with them, understanding their perspective, respecting them for the strengths they bring to the group and being aware of one’s own responsibilities goes a long way in producing amazing team results and becoming an invaluable “team asset”.
  3. Problem Solving: A typical IT job will require you to solve new problems each day and face challenges to improve the existing solutions. You will need to adopt a mindset of embracing learning as a continuous journey and never becoming complacent with existing knowledge.
  4. Continuous Self-improvement: You alone are responsible for your career. Your employer may make learning resources available to you but the responsibility to use, learn and utilize the learning at work, everyday, will be only yours. Spending even two hours on the weekends to keep yourself abreast of technology trends will go a long way in understanding this continuously changing landscape and sharing valuable technical inputs with your group.
  5. Time Management Skills: You will be swarmed with activities and people, emails pouring in, discussions and even distractions. But remembering your tasks, prioritizing them and staying organized will go a long way in establishing your credibility as a reliable and efficient person. Never hesitate to seek out advice from your manager or colleagues; each one of us goes through the learning phase and success comes to those who apply their learnings.

The combination of soft skills and domain skills is the winning formula for IT career aspirants.  Domain knowledge complemented with well-honed set of interpersonal skills, gives a competitive advantage over others in the IT job market.
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