Tuesday, 7 July 2015

4 Things Fresh Graduates Must Do Daily to Improve Communication Skills

‘Learn English in just 3 weeks’, ‘Speak like an expert in 20 days’, etc. The list of available options in the market which promise to improve communication skills is endless, however is it really possible? The answer is NO. Communication skills, like fitness, is the result of continuous workout. The question that hits us next is how should we practice? Should we enroll in another course again or is there something that could be done daily to improve the communication skills.

Top tips to improve communication skills:
1. Listen More - Listening helps in structure and content. Listen to English news, programs on BBC, attend seminars, Techtalks, etc. Remember,  we learnt our mother tongue by doing exactly this.
2. Speak More - Speaking in English helps you gain confidence. Take every opportunity to speak in English. The fear of making a mistake should not stop you from using the language. The idea is to start thinking in English and not just translate to English. Self correction is the first sign of success.
3. Read More - Reading helps in building vocabulary. Read as much as you can, find the time to blog, express your views and improve your written and spoken communication. As an investment into careers, youngsters must subscribe to at least one national daily, one online news service and stay updated on what's new and happening around you. This will help build vocabulary and at the same time improve general awareness.
4. Observe and Interpret Body Language - You must also pay attention to your body language. Generally, when we listen to a speaker, we judge both verbal and nonverbal cues simultaneously. So, observe good speakers and try to emulate a few things if possible.

Every individual needs to be well equipped with the tools to communicate effectively, whether it is on the personal front, or at work. Communication is basically a two-way street, which entails the relation between the sender and the receiver. There are some barriers that occur while speaking. One can try to overcome all language related barriers by first learning to speak English and then improving.

Multiple employment surveys point out that an increasing number of graduates are not readily employable for various reasons. We live in the Information Age, where a major part of our communication takes place via e-mail, text messaging, telephone or video conferencing and for obvious reasons, candidates who can read, write, speak and understand English fluently score over those who cannot. This is the sole reason why few graduates do not get an ideal job even after a long, hard search and even good technical skills.

A final word to the fresh graduates - do the basics right and practice to succeed in your career.
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