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4 Sutras to Score More in Verbal Aptitude

4 Sutras to Score More in Verbal Aptitude
 When you think of Verbal Aptitude, you know it involves understanding words; the relationships they share with each other, how words are connected to make meaningful contexts and it becomes our job to comprehend those contexts using some clues and hints.
 It is a critical component in your exam and it takes practice to master Verbal Aptitude. It is not enough if you just read a lot but you are equally required to listen, write and speak to ace this section.

Here are the 4 sutras to help you score more in Verbal Aptitude.
1.      Logical Thinking & Reasoning
Usually questions pertaining to Jumbled Sentences otherwise called as Paragraph Formation and aka Sentence Formation fall under this category. The objective here is to logically connect word parts or sentences to form meaningful contexts. The mantra is simple - You identify the subject, then identify the action and then connect and create the remaining sentence.
Let’s look at a couple of examples:
·         are given to /cannot be/people who/quarrelling/happy
·         that/lived in/halls/I dreamt/I/marble
In the first one, the subject is 'People', the action is 'quarrelling' where you also have a helping verb - 'are'.
Now, let's connect: People who are given to quarrelling cannot be happy.
Let's do the second one, the subject is 'I' and the action is 'dreamt' and 'lived'.
Now let's connect: I dreamt that I lived in marble halls.

Another question pattern would be 'Analogies' which involves understanding the relationship between words.
Let's take an example:
Marathon is to race as hibernation is to
·         Winter
·         bear
·         dream
·         sleep
All we need to do is understand the relationship between the stem pair 'Marathon and race' and then identify the word that shares the same relationship as the stem pair. Now, Marathon is a long-distance race and Hibernation is an inactive state resembling deep sleep. Now, these are literally definitions, so we have our key words in the definition and all we need to do is look for options that project the keyword.

2.    Grammar - Get your basics right
Typically questions like sentence correction or improvement, finding errors, selecting words, active- passive voice or direct - indirect speech fall under this category.

Let's take an example:
If I had known / this yesterday/I will have helped him/ no error
If you are familiar with 'If conditionals', you would be able to immediately recognize that this is an example of a third conditional where the form is "If+ past perfect tense, would have +past participle" and that the error is in part 3 where you change ‘will’ to ‘would’.
Now you know how important it is for us to know our basics and the rules when it comes to grammar. It makes life so much more easier.

3.    Vocabulary - It’s all about the words and their meanings
Question types like Synonyms or Antonyms, spellings, one word substitutes and even idioms and phrases will fall under this category. So a good knowledge on root words will come handy, apart from good amount of practice writing to ensure your spellings are in place and make sure you understand the difference between the literal meaning and the implied meaning when it comes to idioms and phrases.

4.    Comprehension
A good knowledge and understanding on vocabulary will help you with this category. Learn to understand context as a whole, identify the main theme or message. Learn to read between the lines. Your ability to summarize, paraphrase and interpret will prove beneficial. So, question patterns like Reading Comprehension, Cloze Passage and completing statements will no longer pose a challenge.

So, the 4 Sutras for you to keep in mind when it comes to Verbal Aptitude are
  1. Logical Thinking and Reasoning
  2. Grammar - Get your basics right
  3. Vocabulary - It’s all about the words and their meanings
  4. Comprehension
Remember, apply and practice them to ace this section on Verbal Aptitude.

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