Monday, 30 March 2015

5 Things to Research before a Job Interview

It’s an interview that you have been getting ready for but have you done your homework? Have you searched and researched about the company that you are interviewing for?

It is critical that you should know about the company – it demonstrates that you have a reasonable understanding of the organization and their business and most of all that you will take your work seriously and are likely to be an engaged employee. Having a good background knowledge about the company gives you an edge.

Here are the 5 things you must do to ensure you have an intelligent conversation at the interview:
  1. Understand the Industry Context
    What is the industry all about? What are the market trends? How does the company work? Who are the different players? What services  are they involved in? What products do they offer?
  2. About the Company
    Spend a lot of time on the company’s website. Read about their Mission and Vision Statements, Location, History, Press Releases, Annual Reports, Blogs and more. Know how the company has positioned itself differently from its competition.  Being able to confidently talk about the company, backed by facts, makes an extremely good impression in an interview. 
  3. About Community Interaction
    Google and you will get a lot of information about the events and happenings. It may be possible that the interviewer may mention recent events during the course of the interview.
    Peep into LinkedIn and check on company page for updates. (At the same time, update your profile too) They may notice that you have viewed their profiles. Follow their conversations on Twitter and check the Facebook page for interactive posts. 
  4. About Company Structure
    It is also important to know about the hierarchy or the chain of command. Each company has its own organization structure. Understanding the organization structure gives you an insight into the business' objective, the different functions, enterprise or department and the nature of the company. 
  5. About The Company Community and Employees
    Will you ‘fit’ well in the company? It is equally important to know about the company culture if you want an answer to that question. Find and connect with past or current employees to understand why the company is special to them and topics to avoid during the interview. 
The more you research about the company you want to work in, the better prepared you will be to answer at the interview. This will make you more confident and that in turn will set you apart from the rest of the candidates.

So go ahead and ACE the interview like a PRO! 

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