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Improve Your English Vocabulary For Bank Exams

Enhancing one’s vocabulary and having knowledge of synonyms and antonyms of words is a major asset for any candidate appearing for the Banking examinations. 

english vocabulary
Most bank exam aspirants find questions based on English vocabulary challenging, especially when asked to identify synonyms and antonyms of a given word from the options without any context. If the English Language paper terrifies you and such words, their meanings and synonyms scare you the most when preparing for SBI PO, and IBPS PO, the tips below may prove useful for you. 

Candidates planning to give any bank exam must start practicing several weeks ahead of the exam. There are various methods one can employ to improve their vocabulary. Let us explore the 3 important and effective methods in this post:

Method 1: Reading

The one method that will never run out of fashion and always remain efficient is ‘Reading’. Recognizing words through context helps retain their meaning and for this, one has to read and read extensively. The only difference is, your reading style needs to be focused on identifying any new word and immediately applying context clues to assist with inferring the meaning. The ideal approach to learning vocabulary through reading would involve 3 steps, viz.;

Step 1:  Context
One needs to understand the context and find out if it is suggesting a positive or a negative meaning. Look for any contrast clue words or cause and effect clue phrases.

Let’s look at a few examples to understand how context clues can come handy in identifying the meaning of an unfamiliar or new word.

Example 1:

"Mallery’s mom thought that the new outfit that she had bought for her was modish. Mallery did not want to break it to her, but it was totally out of style."

In the above example, you have a contrast clue word ‘but’ that tells you that the underlined word has to be opposite in meaning to the clue phrase ‘out of style’. So, the meaning of the unfamiliar or new word  Modish is ‘stylish’.

Example 2:

"Father was ecstatic because Joshua decided to go to the college that he wanted him to."

From the above example, we realize the hint word ‘because’ which brings in a cause and effect relationship and answers the question why, explaining that his son’s decision to go to the same college that his father decided made him happy. So, the meaning of ‘ecstatic’ is ‘happy’.

Step 2 : Word Class
Understanding the various forms that one word can take up.

Example 1:
Word Class – Let’s take the word ‘Exhaust’

The verb form is 'exhausts' (simple present), 'exhausted' (simple past) & 'exhausting' (continuous).
Exp: I exhausted my funds before the month was out.

The noun form is ‘exhaustion’.
Exp: He collapsed from exhaustion.

The adjective form is 'exhaustible', 'exhaustive', 'exhausted' and 'exhausting'.
Exp: 1) They did an exhaustive search.
2) I had an exhausting day.

The adverb form is 'exhaustingly', 'exhaustedly', 'exhaustively'.
Exp: They finished the project exhaustedly with many elements sloppily completed.

So, understanding the different forms that one word has, shows the functional meaning that the word creates in a given context.

Step 3: Practice
Create your own sentences after you know the meaning of the given word to reinforce retention.
Let’s use the example word from Step 1. 

Exp: 1)Her black gown was modish.
2) He wore a smart brown suit with modish shoes that stood out.

Method 2: Root Words

The second method is having a good knowledge of the suffixes and prefixes for different word class which will also be helpful in understanding the meaning of those words.

Example 1: Ludicrous
The suffix is 'ous'. Other words with the same suffix are: advantageous, courageous, dangerous, delicious, humorous etc.

All these are describing words and therefore are adjectives.
Hence,  Ludicrous is an adjective too. 'Ludi' comes from the Latin root word 'ludus' which means play, make sport of, jest, sportive, pastime, something that is probably silly and not serious because it’s unreasonable or inappropriate.

Ludicrous means just the same: absurd, incongruous to the point of provoking ridicule or laughter.

Method 3: Word Games

There is nothing like a word game to stimulate your brain cells, keep track of your progress and reward you for the same. The best part about English Vocabulary games is that it recognizes the words that you are yet to master and encourages you in a quick and intelligent way to improve your English vocabulary.

There are many websites that you can explore to master words essential to crack the Bank exams. Listing a few that you can get started with.

In order to improve your vocabulary, ideally, you should use a combination of all the above 3 methods together. Of course, one may be better at one of these methods, but what we have seen is that someone who uses all the three methods together learns faster and retains the learning for a longer duration.

I am sure, you will, using these methods, find learning English vocabulary lot simpler than what you may have experienced thus far.


Improve your Vocabulary for Bank Exams

Most bank exam aspirants find Vocabulary challenging especially when asked to identify synonyms and antonyms for a given word from the options without any context. There are various methods one can employ to improve their vocabulary.

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