Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Aptitude Test - The Key Differentiator In IT Job Recruitment

Whether it is Infosys, TCS, CTS, Wipro, Deloitte, or for that matter any software company you are aspiring for, they will test your aptitude even before looking at your technical knowledge to consider your appointment.

As the recruitment process typically commences with the ‘Aptitude Test’, this serves as the rejection filter. Historically, around 82% of the applicants fail to go to the next stage owing to lack of proper guidance and preparation, both in long and short terms.

A typical Aptitude Test covers Reasoning, Quantitative and Verbal Abilities. While broadly all the aptitude tests have similar syllabus, each company adopts a pattern best suited for them. For example Infosys conducts the test in 2 sections - Verbal Ability (40 questions) and Problem Solving Ability (30 questions). The sections have to be solved in 35 and 40 minutes respectively. And Wipro’s Aptitude Test consists of 50 questions spanning Verbal, Technical and Quantitative Aptitude fields to be solved in 50 minutes. And TCS conducts an online exam with 35 questions from the above pool of topics.

But why is Aptitude Test given such high importance in the hiring process? What do the employers seek from these results?
  • Most activities that one needs to do as an employee is to understand a problem and find solutions. Hence, reasoning ability is tested.
  • Similarly, logical reasoning tests how spontaneously and rationally a candidate can provide solutions to various problems.
  • Organizations work on huge amount of data, understanding them and interpreting them for various purposes. Hence, the ability to understand, interpret, analyze and present data is critical which is covered in the quantitative aptitude section.
  • As the business language is English, strong English aptitude is necessary to survive in the corporate world. Hence, Verbal Aptitude.
Well, that’s why the company tests you in aptitude. In order for you to succeed in this, here is the list of things you should focus on:
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses. Build on your strengths and neutralize your weaknesses by learning necessary techniques and methods.
  • Improve your Speed and Accuracy. Learn new techniques and acquire a competitive advantage.
  • Choose which questions to answer. It is always good to answer ‘some’ questions correctly, rather than answering ‘all’ questions wrongly. But, the ability to choose the right questions to answer is a key strategy necessary to succeed.
  • Effectively decide how to approach answering a question. Like most things in life, it is our decisions which define our direction. Choose the most efficient way to answer questions so that you can avoid doing lengthy calculations and get smart by learning short cuts.
Tips apart, it’s your commitment to prepare with professional support that defines your success.

TalentSprint serves as a launch-pad with a course that equips you with all the inputs needed for you to crack the Aptitude Test in an IT job recruitment. The curriculum of this online course is designed to match the industry standards. A never-before ‘Free Trial Access’ facility is provided to young IT aspirants with one week free limited access to the course content.

To succeed in your very first job aptitude test, check our IT Placement Readiness Programs on Aptitude and Communication Training. We wish you all the best!!
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