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Follow the footsteps of ‘Logical Strategy’ to crack Multiple Choice Questions

Most of the competitive exams conducted today are based on multiple choice questions. Almost all the bank exams solely contain multiple choice questions, while a few conduct an additional subjective exam. Multiple choice questions ask the students to choose one answer among the 3 or 4 options given for that question. These options are called as Distractors.

Competitive exam applicants usually consider these type of questions easier because:
  • The correct answer is right before them. It is just the matter of choosing it
  • They consume less time when compared to essay exams
  • They help in confident answering. After arriving at the right answer, one can confidently mark an answer without any doubt about it
  • They give small hints that helps you arrive at the correct answer, in case you’re failing to recall it
In spite of being considered easy, multiple choice questions even put forward difficult situations for attempters:
  • Aspirants are expected to have in-depth details about everything. The options vary minimally, thereby giving rise to confusion
  • Sometimes vague information or hints about a question may not be helpful, as the options are very similar to each other
  • Applicants cannot guess or try their luck because in most of the exams negative marking is applicable
  • Questions that have options like “Both A and B” or “All the above” raise unintended ambiguity

5-step Strategy to answer Multiple Choice Questions:

To tactfully deal with multiple choice questions, you’ve to apply certain strategies. The best way to succeed is to study thoroughly for the exam. There is no better situation than knowing the right answer. But in tense and pressurized situations during the exam, even a well prepared student tends to lose his track.

To make the best of the advantage of multiple choice questions, there is a logical method of answering them. There are a series of steps to be followed before attempting each question. 

Step 1: Read the question completely and carefully. Do not rush and end up reading the question again.

Step 2: Identify the important part of the question. What is it asking you to answer?

Consider the below example:

What is the reason for Jallianwala Bagh Massacre that happened during the British reign in India?

A. Protester slapped a British official
B. Protesters held meeting in spite of the curfew
C. They burnt imported clothes
D. Protesters threw stones on the British officials

The most important part is “reason for Jallianwala Bagh Massacre” while “happened during the British reign in India” is the supplementary information.

Step 3: After understanding the question, look into the options. Read the options slowly and clearly keeping in mind the perspective of the question.

Step 4:  Highlight the options that you feel are correct or mark True or False against each option.
A. Protester slapped a British official  - F
B. Protesters held meeting in spite of the curfew - T
C. They burnt imported clothes  - T
D. Protesters threw stones on the British officials - F

Now narrow down your options by getting rid of options that are marked False.

Step 5: At a look at the remaining options:

B. Protesters held meeting in spite of the curfew - T
C. They burnt imported clothes  - T

Doesn’t it sound similar to 50-50 lifeline in KBC? Now with just 2 options left, think for few moments before settling on the final answer. Consider each option and start recollecting the information and facts about it.

B. Protesters held meeting in spite of the curfew: A big group of non-violent protesters along with Baishakhi pilgrims, have all gathered at a garden in Amritsar called Jallianwala Bagh in the state of Punjab. They have all gathered there despite a curfew which had been recently declared. The reason for their gathering was to protest against the arrest of two national leaders.

C. They burnt imported clothes: Indians burnt imports goods like clothes, food etc. to show their protest against Britishers.

With this step you will be able to relate to the right answer. As option B is related to Jallianwala Bagh Massacre that will be the correct answer for this question.

Summarizing all the steps:
  1. Read the question carefully
  2. Identify the main part of the question
  3. Go through the options clearly
  4. Highlight the options you feel are correct
  5. Recollect the information and facts about the highlighted options
These steps may appear time-consuming, but with regular practice you can adapt, practice and master it!!

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