Tuesday, 7 October 2014

5 Smart Habits of First Time Job Seekers

 With competition for jobs reaching its peak and with companies following a rigorous recruitment procedure, many young graduates have to return home empty-handed from Interviews. Failure in job search can take a serious toll on their confidence. Being freshers and inexperienced, they are put only next to experienced candidates in the priority list. But on a positive note, with the advent of new technologies, new job opportunities are cropping up. 
‘Hard Work’ is an obsolete phrase & working method. The winning sutra of today’s generation is “Work Smarter”. Working Smarter is not a difficult task, it just involves making certain changes to your current working method. Take a step back and look at everything you are doing. Now apply the below listed “Smart Habits” to everything you do. 

1. Divide your job searching methods
Don’t stick to just one type of job searching method. Try both Offline and Online job portals. It is recommended to spend 80% of your time on offline methods like reference from friends and family, notifications in newspapers etc.; and the other 20% on applying for jobs in online portals. In Online mode the recruiters hunt for employees while you search for jobs. This works in your advantage by reducing your efforts and increasing opportunities. With minimum involvement, many offers can land in your lap.
While in offline job pursuit, you tend to meet Employers, Consultants directly. Always remember, first impression always counts whether it is may be the Coordinating Official or Hiring manager.  Be present early, dress aptly, portray confidence and most importantly be prepared.

2. Set your Goals and Be different
With lakhs of freshers out into the market, it is important to prove you’re uniquely better than others around you. Most importantly, do not follow others blindly. Instead have an identity of your own, set your own goals and find the best approach that suits your goals. Companies look out for freshers who stand out from the crowd.
All of the applicants go through the same procedure of recruitment; most of them will be well-versed with subject matter and hence easily clear the initial rounds. It is the personal interview that allows you to project yourself. So, make the most of this opportunity - speak confidently, maintain the right body language, look professional. All of these will help to strike a chord with the interviewers.

3. Be Prepared
In this fast moving world, no one has the time to go through a long resume. So keep your resume crisp and interesting. Update your resume in perspective of the job you’re applying. Highlight the skills that the job requires. Do not use the same resume for all the jobs.
Attend mock interviews. Practice answers for the usual questions on your introduction, strengths and weaknesses, especially company profile. This confirms the interviewer that you know about the company and can often take the conversation further. 
Since you’re fresher interviewers often test your skills through the projects done in your Graduation. Talk profoundly about the ideas, technologies used in the project along with your contributions.

4. Build up your Network
Having good contacts is always helpful in job hunting process, especially when you’re an entry-level candidate. The people you’ll be in contact with, will have their own contacts like their mentors, colleagues, employers and business contacts and these people again have their own contacts. Whenever there is a job vacancy the requirement may cross all these people through the chain of business relationship and end up in your hands. 
Business contacts can be made even online through LinkedIn, the professional networking site. You can connect to your dream companies, their recruiting teams and get updates. Through actively following them you can know of the workshops, conferences they are organizing and get a chance to attend them.
Proactively share your ideas and insights in such workshops and discussions. You may not fit in all situations, but wait for the right time to strike your point or elegantly speak of a closely related topic. Opportunities are not readily available, they are made. Do indulge in lighter talk too – talk about your interests, ask them about theirs.

5. Be positive and patient
Many freshers go through a tough time finding a job and often get disheartened when they feel it is already late. The more time you spend on a job hunt, the more frustrated you become. To remain productive in such days, you can go for an internship or take up some further trainings. This will boost up your positive spirit and also adds weight to your resume. Follow up with the Hiring managers of the companies you’ve approached. That shows your interest in the job, but don’t make more than 2 follow-up calls.

These smart habits to get you a job will even get you to the top position in a company. So, always Keep It Smart!!

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  1. Good information for the freshers to step foward