Wednesday, 10 September 2014

You Own Your Journey to Success

“You own your journey to success”, says Michael Kasprowicz, the former Australian Test cricketer and is a Board Director, Cricket Australia. He is a right arm fast bowler, effective outfielder and lower order batsman for Australian and England County teams. Fondly known as Kasper, he is renowned for his contribution to Australia’s success against India in 2004, which was Australia’s first victory in Test Series after 34 years. 
He came to be known as the "Subcontinent Specialist" for his unique ability to generate considerable amounts of pace from subdued tracks and in the process picking up regular wickets. In the chat with Sridhar K, Sr. VP at TalentSprint Kasper, shares the secrets of his successful career as a cricketer. Kasper is on a trip to India, said he loves visiting India and calls Hyderabad a home away from home.

As an advice to Indian youth who are looking for exciting careers, Kasper said, “Follow your goal and live your dream.” He started playing cricket during his high school days and made his debut for Queensland Cricket County at the age of 17 in 1989. And he never looked back after getting selected for the international cricket team for the Test Series against West Indies in 1996. He was Australia’s fast bowler for the next 10 years and was the part of Mumbai Champs team in the Indian Cricket League. The two lessons that he said cricket taught him are: You’re the in-charge of your journey. So, find the right way and proceed. Always put your best.

Kasper’s desire to learn did not end after his triumph as a cricketer. He feels there are always ways to improve ourselves, to find and reach them opens up new opportunities. With this perspective, after his reign on the cricket grounds, he pursued MBA at University of Queensland, Brisbane.

As an answer to Sridhar’s question which among Talent and Hard-work is most important, Kasper emphasizes the need for continuous Hard Work. While he believes that Talent can put you ahead in a crowd, it is continuous hard work on the other hand that makes a professional. Hard work though not enjoyable to you or evident to others, lets you reap the best results. For instance, watching Sachin Tendulkar play on ground is a sheer pleasure and a professional like him makes tasks seem easy. But it is the off-ground practice that made him perfect.

When asked about ‘Luck’, Kasper quips saying that only losing teams talk about luck. He believes hard work brings success and luck is just another hypothetical term. Talking about the India’s current Test Cricket form in the tour to England, he says on a lighter note that ‘Luck’ is not the reason for that. As a sportsperson, he explains how certain factors like weather, pitch etc. affect the performance and how one has to learn from mistakes. Acknowledging the quality of players in the Indian Cricket Team, be believes that the team will be back in shape to compete with Australia in the Gavaskar Border Trophy.

Admiring the trainees’ choice of TalentSprint and wishing them best luck for their future endeavors, Kasper signs off.

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