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“Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality”  -- Robin Sharma
Your success in the Bank PO exam is no different.

Let us, first create success in your mind.  You can do so by closing your eyes for a few moments, move to a date a few months from today, you have written the IBPS examination and the time for results has come. Your mobile rings and you get the news you are waiting for….. you have qualified in the exam. While lakhs of applicants have attempted the exam, only a thousand’s qualified and you are one of them, more so you have qualified in the first attempt!  Everyone is congratulating you.
Now, come back to reality, you will now be very keen to create this success in real life, right. Let us assure you, this can happen to you. The question you have to ask yourself is ‘what should I do to qualify in the exam?’

When you ask this question, keeping the competitive nature, many other questions come to your mind. Am I better than the lakhs who write the exam? Am I that intelligent? Or Am I that well informed? You want to find answers for these questions, don’t you.

Well, this is where you need to be careful. You are asking the wrong questions. In other words, you need to look at the exam differently. If this is puzzling you, let me assure you, you are not alone. However, to be successful, your approach needs to be different. You will have to look at the situation differently. Do you think everyone who passes the exam is more intelligent than you? Better informed?  Better in Reasoning? In English? Best in quants? Not at all.

While you need to be intelligent, sharp and well informed etc. these are not the only thing that counts. You should ask the right questions and find the answers for those. Key questions should be, How can I answer 200 questions in 120 minutes? How should I approach the examination? How will I effectively use the 120 minutes given to me to prove my worth?

Answers for these questions are available with you. Here are a few pointers

1.       You can answer the 200 questions in 120 minutes by
a.  Learning all important concepts and short cuts covered in the exam syllabus
b.  Practice for improving speed and accuracy
c.  Exam Practice, to get ready for the exam conditions

2.       Approaching the examination
a.  Creating an exam approach plan and sticking to the same
b.  Not losing any scoring opportunities – both singles (one mark questions) and Boundaries (5 mark questions)
c.   Deciding quickly to leave questions which can be time wasters (as much as leaving good balls while batting)

3.       Effectively utilizing the 120 minutes
a.  Having time bifurcations across all the sections as you need to achieve section cut offs
b.  Having atleast 2 time saving sections (where you can answer the questions in less than 10 seconds per question)
c.  Planning in such a way to be able to go through the full question paper. Some times, easy questions come at the end.

The following table can help you get started with your personal exam strategy.

# Questions (Expected)

My Target
What can I score today
% Improvement required






Now the picture is a little more clear, isn’t it? The goal is to prepare to answer the papers so that you clear the exam. In other words to prepare a strategy and not to learn everything.

Now calculate how many days you have with you before the exam. How will you use that time? And this is such a life altering moment in your life, you can do with some professional support.

a) Provide you with concepts & short cuts required for the examination
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