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Ranking I- The Basic Concept and Simple Ranking Questions

Reasoning Questions on Ranking, also known as Ordering, are asked in all competitive exams especially IBPS PO, SBI PO and SSC CGL. Let’s start with discussing the basic the concepts and basic ranking questions in this blog.

ranking questions
Ranking questions in IBPS PO, SBI POand SSC CGL need you to arrange commodities or people in an ascending or descending order based on their age, weight, height etc. These reasoning questions can often be very confusing and time taking, sometimes so much so that some of you might end up leaving ranking questions even after investing sometime on them in such competitive exams. So in this series on Ranking Questions we will start discussing the basics needed to solve such reasoning questions and then move to ranking questions of higher order.

In the first blog post on reasoning questions we will discuss the two formulas that will simplify reasoning questions for you.
ranking questions

Set I – Ranking Questions where you Find the Number of People in a Row and the Position of One Person from Both the Ends is Known

One of the ways, in which ranking questions are framed, is where you have to find out the total number of people in a row and the only data you are given for such reasoning questions is the position of one person from both the ends.
In a row of people, if the position of a particular person is ‘r’ from the right end and ‘l’ from the left end, then the total number of people in the row is-
ranking questions
Similarly in ranking questions, where a group of people have been ranked in an order and you know the rank of one person from the top and the bottom, then you can find the number of people in the group using the above formula.

Problem 1: Rahul ranked 9th from the top and 38th from the bottom in a class. What is the total number of students in the class?
Solution 1:
From the concept discussed above, you know that ranking questions that need you to find the total number of people in a group can be solved by use of the formula-
ranking questions
Substituting values in the above formula we get-
Total No. of Students in the Class = 9 + 38 – 1 = 46

Therefore, the total number of students in the class is 46.

Set II – Ranking Questions where you Find the Position of a Person from one End and the Position of the Person from other End is Known

Another way in which ranking questions are asked in competitive exams like IBPS PO, SBI PO and SSC CGL, is where you have to find the position the person from one end of the order and the position from the other end is already given. This can again be done by the use of a simple formula-
In a row or queue where total people are‘t’, if the position of a particular person is ‘p’ from one of the end, then his position from the other end will be-
ranking questions
Problem 1: In a class of 36 students, Ravi’s rank from the top is 12. Radhika ranks 3 places over Ravi. What is Radhika’s rank from the bottom?
Solution 1:
In this question we can find Radhika’s rank from the bottom only if we know her rank from the top, so let’s first find Radhika’s rank from the top-
Rank from Top = 12 – 3 = 9
So, Radhika’s rank from the top is 5, knowing this we can use the formula to get the answer-
ranking questions
Substituting values in the above formula, we get-
Radhika’s rank from the bottom = 36 – 9 + 1 = 28

So Radhika’s rank from the bottom is 28.

Set III – Ranking Questions where you Find the Position of a Person when Positions of Two Different People from Two Ends is Known

One of the most popular ranking questions asked in competitive exams like IBPS PO, SBI PO and SSC CGL, is where you have to find the position of a person in a row and for reference you are given the positions of two different people from two ends.
In a row of people, if the positions of A and B from the left end and the right end are ‘l’ and ‘r’ respectively, and there are ‘n’ people between A and B, then the total number of people in that row can be given in two ways, let’s see both of them-

Possibility 1: A is closer to Left Hand Side and B is closer to Right Hand Side
Let us consider the two ends and the position of A and B, the position of A from the left end is ‘l’, the position the B from the right end is ‘R’ and the difference of positions between A and B is ‘n’.
Based on this information we can say that-
ranking questions
Total number of people in the row = l + n + r
ranking questions

Possibility 2: A is closer to Right Hand Side and B is closer to Left Hand Side
Let us once again consider the two ends and the position of A and B, the position of A from the left end is ‘l’, the position the B from the right end is ‘R’ and the difference of positions between A and B is ‘n’. However, the diagram will be slightly different this time because we reverse the position of A and B in the row.
In this case, A is closer to the right hand and B is closer to the left hand.
Based on this information we can say that-
ranking questions
Now when we find the total number of people in the row we add ‘l’ and ‘r’, but if you look carefully at the diagram, you will realize that ‘n’, which is the number of ranks between A and B, also A and B have been counted twice, so to justify these the formula will be-
Total number of people in the row = l + r – n – 2 = l + r – (n +2)
ranking questions
Now since we have 2 possibilities in such cases, you must be wondering what will be the correct answer in such ranking questions. The way to approach to solve such ranking questions is to get your answer by both the formulas and then based on the options choose your correct answer.

Problem 1: P is 14th from the left and Q is 7th from the right end in a row of boys. What is the total number of boys in the row if there are 4 boys between P and Q?
1) 25       2) 23      3) 21      4) 19      5) 20
Solution 1:
Based on the discussion above about such reasoning questions, we know there are two possibilities, so we can simply substitute the values in the formulas-

Possibility 1:
ranking questions
Substituting values we get-
Total Number of People in the Row= 14 + 7 + 4 = 25

Possibility 2:
ranking questions
Substituting values we get-
Total Number of People in the Row= 14 + 7 – (4 + 2) = 15

Now we have 2 possible options for the given question- 25 and 15
Like mentioned before, in such reasoning questions we look at the given options and arrive at the correct answer. 15 in not in the given options while 25 is there.

Therefore, the correct answer is Option 1- 15

Ranking Questions for Practice

Question 1: Rahul ranked ninth from the top and thirty eighth from the bottom in a class. How many students are there in the class?
1) 45       2) 46       3) 47       4) 48       5) None of these

Question 2: In a class of 40 children, Sunetra’s rank is eight from the top. Sujit is five ranks below Sunetra. What is Sujit’s rank from the bottom?
1) 27       2) 29        3) 28        4) 26        5) None of these

Question 3: In a row of boys, A is fifteenth from the left and B is fourth from the right. There are three boys between A and B. How many boys are there in the row?
1) 9         2) 10        3) 14        4) 22          5) 18

Do leave your answers in the comment section.

Remember to keep practicing because practice with smart methods that helps you crack exams like IBPS PO, SBI PO and SSC CGL!
ranking questions
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Daily Update On Current Affairs - May 26, 2017

current affairs
Here's your daily summary of Current Affairs.

PM Modi To Inaugurate India's Longest Bridge In Assam Tomorrow

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the country’s longest river bridge - the Dhola-Sadia Bridge in Assam on the 26th May 2017. This three-lane, 9.15-kilometre bridge has been built over river Lohit, which is a tributary of the Brahmaputra river. It links Dhola in Assam to Sadia. Road connectivity will see a major transformation as this bridge will fill a huge connectivity gap that has existed in the northeast region. The only means to cross the Brahmaputra at this location till now has been by ferry in day-time and even this is not possible during floods. This bridge will also give a major boost to the overall economic development of the areas north of Brahmaputra in Upper Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. It will also cater to the strategic requirements of the country in the border areas of Arunachal Pradesh, besides facilitating numerous hydropower projects coming up in the state. The bridge will also reduce the distance from Rupai on NH- 37 in Assam to Meka-Roing on NH-52 in Arunachal Pradesh by 165 KM. The travel time between the two places will come down from the current six hours to just one hour, a total five-hour reduction. This will result in saving of petrol and diesel worth 10 lakh rupees per day.

Government Is Committed To Spend 2.5 Percent Of GDP On Health And Allied Sectors

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has stressed on the need to bring all hospitals specialising in cancer treatment on a single platform to provide affordable treatment to patients. He was addressing a function through video conferencing on the occasion of the platinum jubilee of Tata Memorial Centre being held in Mumbai today. Mr Modi said every year 10 lakh people are affected by cancer, of which more than 6 lakh die. He stressed on reducing dependence on other countries for getting medical equipment so as to make treatment affordable. Mr Modi said, the aim of the National Health Policy is to ensure affordable health care for all. He said, his government is committed to spending 2.5 percent of GDP on health and allied sector. The Prime Minister added that the government has brought 5,000 drugs in the list of essential medicines for the purpose of controlling their prices. He said, more and more outlets are being opened under Jan Aushadhi Yojana.

Rohtang Pass Opens For Vehicular Traffic After Six Months

In Himachal Pradesh, the Rohtang Pass has been opened for vehicular traffic and tourists after almost six months. The pass connects tribal district of Lahaul-Spiti with other parts of the state. The permit system has been put in place as per directions of the National Green Tribunal, which took serious note of the vehicular pollution in the area. The Kullu district authorities have fixed five hundred rupees as permit fee and fifty rupees as congestion fee per vehicle.

Tourists can access Rohtang Pass by obtaining a proper permit. Kullu district authorities have made arrangements for issuing online permits. The online system has been introduced to avoid irregularities in granting permits, which are issued on the first-come-first-serve basis. As per the directions of National Green Tribunal, only 800 petrol and 400 diesel vehicles are allowed per day.

Google’s Rajan Anandan Appointed Chairman of IAMAI

Google’s vice-president for South East Asia and India, Rajan Anandan has been appointed as the new chairman of Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI). Rajan will succeed  FreeCharge’s co-founder and chief executive officer, Kunal Shah. The other new office bearers of the IAMAI will be MakeMyTrip Chairman & Group CEO Deep Kalra who will be the vice-chairman. He succeeds Saavn co-founder and president Vinodh Bhat. Facebook’s managing director (India & South Asia), Umang Bedi will be the new treasurer of IAMAI. Subho Ray will continue to be the president of IAMAI. The tenure of the office-bearers of the new council will be for two years. The new council has to work towards improving the internet connectivity, especially in rural areas. It is estimated that in a population of 906 million, only 156 million are using the internet in rural areas. IAMAI has to take steps to reach to the potential 750 million users living in rural heartlands. Another area which needs the focus of the committee is the promotion of local language content. The Indian languages account for only 0.1% of the content on the worldwide web. It is estimated that enabling Indian language content will help to achieve a growth of 39% in the current user base of India.

Union Cabinet Approves National Procurement Policy Giving Preference To Make In India

The Union Cabinet Chaired by Prime Minister has given its approval for a national procurement policy that gives preference to ‘Make In India’ in government procurements. The policy aims to maintain the balance between promoting ‘Make in India’ and ensuring timely, quality and value-for-money products for the procuring government entities. The new policy will boost domestic manufacturing and service provision and will enhance income and employment. It will facilitate the flow of capital and technology into domestic manufacturing and services. As the government procurement is always substantial, it can contribute towards increasing the participation of local employees and improve their living conditions.

Sensex And Nifty Reach New Highs

The Sensex rose to new heights today, as it posted its biggest single-day gain in over two months, while the rupee appreciated against the dollar. The Sensex at the Bombay Stock Exchange spurted 448 points, or 1.5 percent, to close at a fresh record high of 30,750. The Nifty at the National Stock Exchange surged 149 points, to 9,510. Key regional bourses in Japan, China, Hong Kong, South Korea and Singapore gained between 0.1 percent and 1.4 percent. Major European bourses also rose. Stocks climbed after the US central bank signalled caution in hiking interest rates.

NATO Summit Begins in Brussels

The NATO summit begins in Brussels on the 25th May 2017. NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg said terrorism will top the agenda. Diplomatic sources said NATO is to join the US-led anti-Islamic State coalition at the summit, a key demand of US President Donald Trump that the alliance does more to fight terrorism. The sources said NATO ambassadors have decided an action plan on terrorism for the summit.

World Economic Forum: Mumbai And Kota Among World’s Most Crowded

World Economic Forum citing UN-Habitat data has named two Indian cities-Mumbai and Kota among the world’s most crowded cities. Dhaka has topped the list followed by India’s financial capital Mumbai. Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh has a population density of 44,500 people per square kilometre. Mumbai has a population density of 31,700 people per square kilometre. Another Indian city Kota in Rajasthan with 12,100 people per square kilometre has been ranked seventh in the list. Medellin in Columbia with a population density of 19,700 people per square kilometre has been ranked third followed by Manila, Philippines at 4th place with a density of 14,800; Casablanca, Morocco at 5th place with a density of 14,200; Lagos, Nigeria at 6th place with a density of 13,300; Singapore at 8th place with a density of 10,200 and finally Jakarta, Indonesia at 9th place with a density of 9,600. It has been estimated that more than half of the world’s population resides in urban areas and the UN expects this to increase to 66% by 2050 with around 90% increase concentrated in Asia and Africa.

Nepal Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ Resigns

Nepal Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has resigned from his post. He was elected as the 39th Prime Minister of Nepal. Prachanda has stepped down honouring a power-sharing agreement entered by him with the ruling partner Nepali Congress on August 3, 2016. As per the agreement, Dahal, who is the Chairman of CPN (Maoist Centre) was to have a brief stint of 9 months and will be succeeded by Nepali Congress president Sher Bahadur Deuba. It was agreed that the government will be run on a rotational basis until elections to Parliament are held in February 2018. Sher Bahadur Deuba is expected to assume the office by next week. In his tenure, he will oversee the remaining two elections — provincial and central which are to be conducted by January 2018.
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Daily Update On Current Affairs - May 25, 2017

current affairs
Here's your daily summary of Current Affairs.

Swachh Bharat App Launched

Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma has launched Swachh Bharat app at the National Museum in New Delhi. The app will enable visitors to report garbage on the premises of the ASI monuments across the country. Around 30 galleries in the National Museum have already been equipped with a device that will make use of the intranet to connect to the app. 

Salient Highlights: The services of the app will be soon rolled out in 116 monuments under the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) across the country. The devices installed in the monuments will connect to this app using Bluetooth. The devices will have a range of around 30 metres. The visitors with the help of the app would be permitted to report the culture ministry any litter or garbage on the premises of the monuments. The app is available for Android mobile phones. As soon as the visitors enter the premises of the monuments and switch on the Bluetooth, the app will relay Swachh Bharat-related information to the visitors and will ask them to report any garbage around them. Even if the visitors have not installed the App on their handsets, a message will be delivered by Google about the Swachh Bharat Abiyan and will provide the visitors with a link to install the App. The Swachh Bharat App will be monitored by the Ministry of Culture. The App is expected to promote cleanliness in the premises of ASI monuments.

India’s First Underwater Rail Tunnel Completed

The two organizations Afcons Transtonnelstroy and Kolkata Metro Railway Corporation Ltd (KMCRL) involved in implementing the East-West Metro have completed boring the India’s first underwater tunnel under the Hooghly river to link Howrah and Kolkata. The length of Kolkata’s East-West Metro is 16.6 km long. Out of which a length of 502 metres is under the Hooghly river. The project is built by Afcons Transtonnelstroy and implemented by KMRCL. Afcons Transtonnelstroy is an Indo-Russian joint venture. The project connects Howrah to the west and Salt lake to the east. Digging the underwater tunnel was the critical task in the project. A massive tunnel boring machine called Rachna was used for boring the underwater tunnel. The tunnel boring job was completed within in a time of one month and six days well ahead of schedule. The East-West Metro with a length of 16.6 km will have 12 stations, six of which will be underground stations. The project which was slated to be completed by 2012 got postponed many times. The final commissioning of the project is expected to be held by December 2019.

Cabinet Approves Issuing Bonds To Raise Rs 2,360 Crore For Renewable Energy Schemes

The government will raise bonds of 2,360 crore rupees for renewable energy. A decision in this regard was taken by the Union Cabinet last evening. The bonds will be raised by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy and funds will be used in various renewable energy programmes. The decision will boost infrastructure in the sector and facilitate achievement of ambitious targets for the renewable energy sector.

Cabinet Approves Allocation Of 2.5% Of Central Road Fund For Development Of National Waterways

Cabinet has approved allocation of 2.5 percent of Central Road Fund for development and maintenance of National Waterways by amending in the Central Road Fund Act, 2000 to boost inland water transport. An allocation of 2.5 percent will provide about 2000 crore rupees per annum for the development and maintenance of National Waterways. It is estimated that 1.8 lakh persons would be provided employment in the Inland Waterways Transport sector in the next five years. The Central Road Fund (Amendment) Bill, 2017 will be moved in the ensuing Monsoon Session of the Parliament. The Cabinet has also directed that while implementing viable National Waterways projects, all such components that can be done on Public Private Partnership basis, should be explored. The Inland Waterways Authority of India has estimated that about 25 thousand crore rupees will be required for development of identified projects till 2022-23.

Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus Elected As Director General Of WHO

Former Ethiopian Health Minister Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has been elected as the new Director-General of the World Health Organisation. This election has earned the distinction of being the first election which saw the participation of all WHO member states in the voting process. Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus defeated the other two contendors to the post, namely, UK’s Dr. David Nabarro and Pakistan’s Dr. Sania Nishtar.

NATO To Join US-Led Anti-Islamic State Coalition

In the NATO summit which will begin today in Brussels, NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) chief Jens Stoltenberg said that terrorism will top the agenda of the meeting. Diplomatic sources said NATO is to join the US-led anti-Islamic State coalition. 

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Daily Update On Current Affairs - May 24, 2017

current affairs
Here's your daily summary of Current Affairs.

Madhya Pradesh Signs MoU With IIT-Kharagpur For Developing Happiness Index

IIT Kharagpur’s Rekhi Centre of Excellence for the Science of Happiness and Madhya Pradesh government’s ‘Rajya Anandam Sansthan’ (Department of Happiness) has signed a MoU to collaborate on the development of a Happiness Index for measuring the well-being of the residents of the state. The MoU was signed in the presence of MP Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and IIT-KGP Director Prof P P Chakrabarti at Bhopal.

World’s First Philosophical Novel On God Unveiled

IAS officer Haulianlal Guite has recently published a philosophical novel for God titled "Confessions of a dying mind: the blind faith of atheism". The book was unveiled by Union Minister Kiren Rijiju at the August gathering of Civil Services Officers’ Institute in New Delhi. The book is touted as "the world’s first philosophical novel for God". Haulianlal Guite is hailed as the first civil servant to write on Philosophy after John Stuart Mill’s work titled “On Liberty” published in 1858. The book explores interesting arguments against atheism. It also explores the nature of science, religion, evidence and love in light of latest findings of modern science and the solid theories in philosophy. The unveiled book is the first part of the three volumes. The book is published by a UK-based Bloomsbury Publishing.

PM Inaugurates African Development Bank’s 52nd Annual General Meeting

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has inaugurated the 52nd Annual General Meeting of the African Development Bank in Gandhinagar. The AGM will be held in from May 22-26. This is the first time that India is hosting the annual meetings of the AfDB and its sister institutions, including of finance ministers of member countries, who comprise the AfDB board of governors. India had joined the African Development Bank (AfDB) in 1983. The Annual Meetings are the Bank’s largest annual event and offer a unique forum for representatives of government, business, civil society, think-tanks, academia and the media to debate key issues on Africa’s development. The event will see the participation of 4500 delegates including finance ministers and central bank governors belonging to AfDB’s 54 member countries and 26 non-member countries. The event is expected to deepen India’s ties with the African continent.

Paytm Launches Payments Bank

Paytm has rolled out its Payments Bank operations by launching its first physical branch in Noida. With this launch, there are three payments banks operational in the country, the other two being Airtel Payments Bank Ltd and India Post Payments Bank Ltd. The Paytm Payments Bank will be the first bank in the country to offer cashbacks on deposits. 

As a Payments Bank, Paytm will be able to accept deposits up to Rs 1 lakh per customer in wallet and savings/current accounts. Further, it can also offer other services like Debit Cards, Online Banking, and Mobile Banking. It will not be allowed to lend to customers. However, it will be able to offer financial products like loans, insurance, mutual funds, pension funds etc by partnering with other financial institutions and banks.

India Soon To Become The Second Largest Producer Of Steel In The World

Steel Minister Birender Singh said India has registered a 102 percent growth in steel exports in 2016-2017. Addressing a press conference on the 3-year achievements of his ministry in New Delhi today, Mr Singh said, the country has become a net exporter of steel, with 8.2 million tonnes of exports in 2016-2017. "We have become the second largest producer of stainless steel in the world, leaving behind Japan. Besides, we have gained the third spot in steel production, leaving behind America. We are moving fast to reach the 2nd position." The Minister said the government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave its approval for National Steel Policy this month, after a gap of 12 years. Mr. Singh said GST will give a big boost to the steel industry.

IMD Predicts Normal Monsoon This Year

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted the onset of the monsoon in Kerala on the 30th of this month but there is a possibility that it may hit the state a day before that. With chances of the continuation of the El Nino effect, a phenomenon associated with warming of Pacific waters, the IMD has predicted a normal monsoon this year.

Trump Admin Proposes To Reduce 190 Million Dollar In Financial Grant To Pakistan

In US, the Trump administration has proposed to reduce 190 million US Dollar in financial grant to Pakistan in foreign military funding as compared to 2016 fiscal. This year, the US administration has proposed 344 million US Dollar in financial assistance to Pakistan including 100 million US Dollar in foreign military funding. Last year, the US assistance to Pakistan under the State Department budget was 534 million US Dollar, which included 225 million US Dollar towards foreign military funding. The Trump administration's budget proposal would convert some of the United States' foreign military grants to loans, affecting several countries, including Pakistan. The White House said yesterday that the proposals are a part of a larger effort to slash spending on diplomacy, aid and programmes abroad by more than 29 percent.  The Wall Street Journal, which first reported the proposal, said the foreign military grants could affect Pakistan, Tunisia, Lebanon, Ukraine, Colombia, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

World's Largest Aircraft Airlander 10 Completes Test Flight

The world's largest aircraft has successfully completed a test flight, bringing the massive helium-filled airship one step closer to commercial use. The hybrid aircraft dubbed the Airlander 10 combines technology from airplanes, helicopters, and airships. It is designed to fly at altitudes of 6,100 meters for up to five days. with a length of 92 metres, it is the largest aircraft currently flying. On May 10th, the Airlander 10 flew for a total of 180 minutes to test the aircraft's handling, improved landing technology and more. Dave Burns, Airlander 10's Chief Test Pilot said that during the successful test flight in Cardington, UK, the Airlander 10 handled superbly.

Australian Indigenous Leaders Meet For Historic Summit

In central Australia, hundreds of indigenous leaders have gathered for a historic summit on formally recognising the country's first inhabitants. The three-day summit at Uluru coincides with the 50th anniversary of a vote that allowed indigenous Australians to be included on a national census. Australia does not mention Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in its constitution. The summit aims to reach consensus on the best method of recognition. The recommendations may result in a referendum to be voted on by all Australians.

Terror Attack In Manchester City Leaves 22 Killed And 59 Injured

The Islamic State terrorist group has claimed responsibility for today's deadly attack at the Manchester Arena which claimed 22 lives and injured 59 people. The attacker died while detonating the explosive device planted at a pop concert. The blast took place in the foyer area of Manchester Arena around 3 AM Indian time today. Manchester Victoria station has been closed and all trains cancelled. British police have arrested a 23-year-old man in connection with the terror attack. After chairing a meeting in the wake of the blast, British Prime Minister Theresa May said the people of Manchester have fallen victim to a callous terrorist attack. This was among the worst terrorist incidents we have ever experienced in the United Kingdom. It would take some time to establish motive and the investigation will continue. We can continue to resolve to thwart such acts in future, to take on and defeat the ideology that often fuels this violence and if there turn out to be others responsible for this attack, to seek them out and bring them to justice. Official sources in New Delhi said they are ascertaining if there are any Indian casualties in the blast. The Indian High Commission tweeted, any Indians injured during Manchester attack may reach the Public Response Unit of High Commission of India at 020 7632 3035. President Pranab Mukherjee, Vice President Mohammad Hamid Ansari and Prime Minister Narendra Modi have strongly condemned the attack.

May 23: World Turtle Day

Every year May 23 is celebrated as the World Turtle Day as an annual observance aimed at protecting turtles and tortoises and their rapidly disappearing habitats across the world. The celebrations were started in 2000 by the American Tortoise Rescue (ATR). Since then it is celebrated every year to create awareness about the world’s oldest living reptiles in the world.

Roger Moore Of James Bond Fame Dies

Roger Moore, the handsome English actor who appeared in seven films as James Bond and as Simon Templar on "The Saint" TV series, has died in Switzerland after a short battle with cancer. He was 89. His family announced the death on Moore's official Twitter account today.

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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Daily Update On Current Affairs - May 23, 2017

current affairs
Here's your daily summary of Current Affairs.

Madhya Pradesh Bans Sand Excavation In Narmada River

The State Government of Madhya Pradesh has put an indefinite ban on the sand excavation in the Narmada River. This announcement has been made by Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan in Bhopal. The government has also set up a committee to suggest the scientific ways of mining the rivers. This committee will submit the report to state government after exploring ways for sand excavation without harming rivers. The government will also promote manufactured sand (made by mixing stones).

Free Wi-Fi Facility Inaugurated At 28 Railway Stations

On May 21, Minister of Railways Suresh Prabhu inaugurated free Wi-Fi facility at 28 Railway Stations of Konkan Railway from Kudal Railway Station in Maharashtra. Indian Railways has tied by with SYSCON/JOISTER for providing 2 Mbps peer-to-peer 24 hrs Free Wi-Fi bandwidth at 28 railway stations of Konkan Railway. In line with Government’s Digital India initiative, SYSCON/JOISTER are providing the JOISPOT brand Wi-Fi in Pune and Mumbai educational institutions in Maharashtra state. The company has now undertaken as a part of their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activity of providing free Wi-Fi to the rural area on the Konkan Route. The 28 stations include Kolad; Mangaon; Veer; Karanjadi; Vinhere; Diwankhavati; Khed; Anjani; Chiplun; Kamthe; Sawarda; Aravali Road; Sangameshwar; Ukshi; Bhoke; Ratnagiri; Nivasar; Adavali; Vilavade; Rajapur Road; Vaibhavwadi Road; Nandgaon Road; Kankavali; Sindhudurg; Kudal; Zarap; Sawantwadi Road and Madure⁠⁠⁠⁠. The free Wi-Fi facility would help the travelers, commuters, and tourists access essential information while waiting for trains on railway stations.

NASA Names New Species After Abdul Kalam

NASA has named a new bacteria discovered on the filters of the International Space Station, ISS, as Solibacillus kalamii to honour the late president Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam.  The genus is Solibacillus and the species name is kalamii. Researchers at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory has found that the bacteria remained on board the International Space Station for 40 months. The new organism is found only on the ISS and has not been found anywhere on the earth. In 1963, Dr. Kalam had his early training at NASA before setting up India’s first rocket launching facility at Thumba in Kerala.

Air India To Auction Its Properties As Part Of Asset Monetisation Plan

Air India has decided to auction seven of its properties, as a part of its asset monetisation plan. The national carrier has mandated the auctioneer MSTC to put these properties under the hammer. According to the auction notice, Air India proposes to sell its exclusive properties in the form of land parcels/built-up flats located at prime location in Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Trivandrum. This sale is likely to raise around 80 crore rupees. As per the financial restructuring plan approved by the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs back in 2012, Air India is required to monetise its assets and generate 5,000 crore rupees by way of sale, leasing or developing an asset as a joint venture.

RBI To Reconstitute Oversight Committee To Deal With Bad Loans

The RBI has decided to reconstitute the oversight committee, OC, with more members after the government armed it with additional powers to resolve bad loans with banks that have crossed Rs 8 lakh crore. In a statement in Mumbai yesterday, the RBI said, while the current members will continue in the reconstituted OC, names of a few more will be announced soon. It said the apex bank would also be constituted a Committee comprised the majority of its independent Board Members to advise it in the Non-Performing Asset matter. The statement said RBI already sought information on the current status of the largely stressed assets from the banks. The RBI further said it has also envisaged an important role for the credit rating agencies in resolving the issue. Sources said the RBI has identified about 50 major cases for NPA resolution.

22 May: World Biological Diversity Day

Every year, May 22 is observed as International Day for Biodiversity or World Biodiversity Day. This date commemorates the date of Adoption of the Agreed Text of the Convention on Biological Diversity at UNEP Headquarters, Nairobi on 22 May 1992. In 2000, UN General Assembly via resolution 55/201 decided to celebrate World Biodiversity Day on May 22 instead of December 29, which was previously designated as International Biodiversity Day. The theme for 2017 for World Biodiversity Day is “Biodiversity and Sustainable Tourism”. The theme is in sync with the observance of 2017 as “International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development” as proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly. UN has already declared 2011-20 as United Nations Decade on Biodiversity to support and promote reducing the loss of biodiversity.

Fact Box: Federation Cup And Other Football Tournaments & Leagues In India

On 21st May 2017, the Bengaluru FC defeated Mohun Bagan 2-0 to win the Federation Cup. The final event was held at Barabati Stadium in Cuttack, Odisha. Federation Cup is India’s first major football competition involving the clubs. It was established by the All India Football Federation in 1977. During the 1980s and 1990s, it was considered to be most popular football tournament in India. The other popular football tournaments of India include Durand Cup, Santosh Trophy, Indian Super League, Subroto Cup, IFA Shield etc.

Durand Cup
Durand Cup is India’s oldest football tournament and is among the oldest in the world. It is named after its founder Sir Mortimer Durand, who served as Foreign Secretary in charge of India from 1884 to 1894. The first Durand Cup tournament was held in 1888. In the beginning, it was an Army cup for the British Indian Army troops. Over the years, it opened up for civilian teams. In 2006, the army passed its administration to civilians’ organizations called Durand Football Tournament Society (DFTS) and Asians. The latest Durand Cup Tournament was held in 2016 and current champion is Army Green.

IFA Shield
IFA Shield is second oldest football competition in India organized by Indian Football Association and in existence since 1893.  Since 2015, IFA Shield has been designed as an under-19 youth football tournament. Its current sponsor is LG and the latest competition was held in 2016, won by Tata Football Academy.

Subroto Cup
Subroto Cup Football Tournament is an inter-school football tournament named after Air Marshal Subroto Mukerjee. It was started in 1960. More than 50 school teams participate in this competition including schools from Nepal and Afghanistan. It is conducted by the Indian Air Force, with support from India’s Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports. The Madhyamgram High School, in West Bengal us known for winning this tournament for seven times.

Santosh Trophy
Santosh Trophy started in 1941, is an annual Indian football tournament played by states and government institutions. It is named after Maharaja Sir Manmatha Nath Roy Chowdhary of Santosh, who served as President of the IFA. The first winners were Bengal. West Bengal has been the most successful team in the tournament and also the current champion with its 32nd title in hand.

Indian Super League
Indian Super League (ISL) [Officially Hero ISL] is a men’s professional football league. It was founded in 2013 and is based on franchise model on the lines of IPL. Currently, there are eight teams in ISL viz. Atl├ętico de Kolkata; Chennaiyin FC; Delhi Dynamos; Goa; Kerala Blasters; Mumbai City; North East United and Pune City. So far three seasons have held of which two have been won by Atl├ętico de Kolkata (2014 & 2016) while one season was won by Chennaiyin FC (2015).

I-League (officially Hero I-League) is another professional league in football in India. It was launched in 2007 as ONGC I-League and as a successor of National Football League. So far, nine sessions have been conducted of this league. It is contested by 10 football clubs and considered to be the primary competition in Indian football. The 10 clubs are Aizawl, Bengaluru FC, Chennai City, Churchill Brothers, DSK Shivajians, East Bengal, Minerva Punjab, Mohun Bagan, Mumbai and Shillong Lajong.

India Wins All 10 Gold Medals At South Asian Junior Table Tennis Championships

The South Asian Junior Table Tennis championship was held in Mount Lavinia, near Colombia in Sri Lanka. In a stunning performance, the paddlers from India have won all the 10 Gold Medals on offer in this tournament. Apart from 10 gold medals, the Indian participants have also won 14 medals, thus taking the medal tally to 14. In this championship, top-seeded Manav Thakkar won Junior Boys final; while Archana Girish Kamath won Junior Girls final.  In Cadet Boys final, top-seed H. Jeho won the Gold Medal. India led the championship with eight points, followed by Sri Lanka (six points).

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